Me, myself and I



Young French courtesan, occasional, spicy, selective...


The tone used before our meeting may seem cold and distant (unfortunately necessary ), I reserve my other facets as expected in real life.


I don't promise what I don't like, and do what I really like.

Natural from head to toe, no makeup unless it is your request, I have never do surgery.

Neat, beautician every week, manicure, pedicure, scrub etc.

My lifestyle is rigorous, I don't smoke, don't touch any drugs and drink  very occasionally a good cup of champagne. (with you who knows)


I also practice modern dance and yoga  weekly.

My face is natural, I am  Mediterranean-style, curly brown hair.

For my measurements, I am 1m63 (5,3feet) for 65 kg (143lb), 90G (34F in English size) of 100% natural breast.

High waist 38, low waist 44. I am BBW model big beautifull woman.


I like adrenaline dating, unpredictable, and I'm not cold.

Am confortable in every situations, from the moment I'm in good company.

By creating a natural context, conducive to complicity, pleasures are increased tenfold.

To meet me, take the time to consult my conditions please, I send you my intimate preferences by sms.

I advocate transparency.

I don't like to be wasted my time and will never lose you. Invested, and whole, you will see for yourself that I give a lot during our appointment. I am a lover mistress, I love seduction games, our appointment will be even more intense.

I don't multiply the appointment, I like to create a special link with my partner. What seems difficult to me by cumulating many meetings, making them impersonal and mechanical and I don't work like that. I need human contact, which is missing in my opinion in the middle of the accompaniment.








Mutual respect will be the basis of our meeting In the intimacy according to our feeling I can be sweet as very ... (CENSURED), it will also depend on the day and our complicity. Sometimes your confidante, the furious lover, the woman child ....


Looking forward to meeting US, Miss Maya.




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