Our first exchange will be by sms, I will answer exclusively to the sms information points 1,2 and 3 below:            


1 Your presentation, your age, a description and your origin (s)  

2 Your search / wishes (bespoke accompaniment, massage and or intimate moment etc)  

3 Your availabilities and duration of the appointment you wish    

4 Special request (optional) (if you have preferences for dress code etc please let me know)       I receive  courteous men , from 30 years old.      


The calls are automatically blocked and I don't answer the messages of the type, "cc,hi,  dispo, available  how much" and other onomatopoeia. Having a busy daily, don't have time to answer the many telephone requests.       *


We will call  each other with pleasure before our first meeting, after a first exchange by SMS as soon as an appointment will be planned.                  


Miss Maya                  



* More photos on my Instagram account accessible  on the logo below or here