✉ My booking email: [email protected]




Our 1st exchange will preferably be done by SMS, or on my encrypted mailbox if you want more discretion I will answer exclusively to the sms informing the points 1, 2 and 3 below:




1 Your presentation, first name/nickname, age, a short description and your origin(s)


2 Your search / wishes (bespoke accompaniment, massage and or intimate moment etc)


3 Your availabilities and duration of the appointment you wish


4 Special request (optional) (if you have dress code preferences and so on, please let me know)

💡 Feel free, if you are comfortable, to tell me about yourself, your tastes, your personality, your expectations...


I receive courteous men , from 30 years old.


The calls are automatically blocked and I don't answer the messages of the type, "cc,hi, dispo, available how much" and other onomatopoeia.


As I have a busy daily life, I don't have time to answer many phone calls.


We will be happy to call you before our first meeting, after a first exchange by SMS as soon as an appointment is scheduled.


Please DO NOT CONTACT ME if you wish to discuss my conditions. You will be blacklisted without even getting an

Please read the Rules section before contacting me.


Miss Maya



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