My Rules

  • Advanced booking is greatly appreciated and highly recommended.
  • The donations are for my time and companionship only and they are not negotiable.
  • Following numerous abuses I specify that in case of delay of more than 20 minutes the appointment will not be guaranteed anymore. It can be cancelled without any deposit being returned to you. In the same way, if I was late and you did not wish to keep the appointment, I will refund the deposit in full without discussion. If the delay is not too great, we can deduct the delay time by keeping the appointment. If you wanted the time and I am available, you will have to extend the envelope according to my current rates.
  • Our moments, even if they are magical and I live them to the full, will always be priced. I can make a moderate effort for a stay of several days but under no circumstances will we see each other without your contribution.
  • For our safety, I am equipped with a professional alarm system and I have in my possession a counterfeit detector. Any malicious act (scam, threat, theft, or worse) leads to a complaint being filed with me.
  • We will limit our contacts (except in emergencies) exclusively to arrange an appointment. No calls/sms of courtesy to preserve our respective private lives thank you for your understanding.
  • In case of a positive covid test, the appointment will be either postponed if we have the possibility or cancelled with full refund of the deposit. With the exception of travel outside of my reception area that required several days of blocking in my schedule. A part of the deposit will be retained.
  • The time planned together also includes your stewardship, your shower(s) careful if you take an appointment of one hour
  • You will be offered a courtesy shower on arrival. Please do not refuse it out of respect for me.