Role Play


     Adaptable in real life but also on the phone, they can be modified at will, I remain open to all proposals:


 1/12The married woman who is an escort in secret**
The fantasy of many women is to have a secret double life, to show off as a good citizen in life, in the eyes of all, while in secret, I love to multiply my conquests and get laid... A real little whore!


2/12Variant with the charismatic company manager who brings an escort boy (toyboy) to her house because her husband doesn't b*** her anymore or badly (worse) she'll have a male object ready to do what she wants, when she wants!
"lick me, take me as if, take your clothes off andcc ***

3/12 The law enforcement officer and the outlaw

 The law enforcement officer abuses his authority to get all the (sexual) favours he wants from his prisoner in exchange for his release. Get a pair of handcuffs to make the arrest.          


4/12 The hitchhiker **

The man is in his car when he stops at the side of the road to help this lovely young woman in distress. They take advantage of the journey to get to know each other, and more if they like... 



5/12 The Nurse

Another classic of the genre. Mr. has a nasty boo-boo and asks for his regular nurse? You're brave enough to rush to his aid and put on your nurse's costume. A nurse who provides very special care to ensure that her patient recovers quickly... 



6/12 The Pizza Man
** 😍

Madam orders a pizza and pretends not to find her wallet to pay the delivery man. Instead, she offers him sexual favours


7/12 The plumber **😍

The plumber rings the doorbell while you are still in your nightie. You receive him and invite him in to do the repairs. While he gets on with the job, you chat with him. You feel that the two of you are getting on quite well. The flirtation has gone on too long and you decide to take it to the next level. You start to tease him as he looks for accessories in his toolbox. As his desire grows, you realise that he won't be able to resist you for long... 



8/12 The lingerie salesman/ and the customer (sex toy saleswoman and her customer)***😍

While Madame is in the middle of a shopping session, she takes the opportunity to make a little diversions to the lingerie department. She tries on outfits, each one more provocative than the last, asking the opinion of the stunned salesman. She is able to use her charms and titillate the salesman by revealing her barely concealed breasts. The salesman will have to remain professional despite his undeniable excitement. 


9/12 The teacher and the student

Are you ready to go back to school? Faced with an unruly pupil, the teacher will have to crack down on her with punishments such as spanking, stripping or even naughty gestures... An ideal scenario for a gentle introduction to the joys of BDSM. Once the punishment has been carried out, the two partners can finally begin the lesson...  


10/12 The boss and the secretary * 😍

A myth that many men fantasize about. Which of them has never dreamed of making passionate love to the secretary on the photocopier? 


10 bis ***😍

Variant with the Sofa promotion, I have to use some tricks to make you fall for it and get a promotion with nice benefits in kind ***


11/12 The fireman*

Do you like playing with fire and aren't afraid of getting burnt? In that case, you should wear the fireman's suit. If you know how to rekindle the flame in bed, all you have to do is find a big pump to put out the blaze... 


12/12 The stewardess *

If you can't fly to a dream destination, the stewardess fantasy will propel him straight to seventh heaven.   



The scenarios are extra 

* +100€