Covid protocol before appointment:

If you have contracted covid within three months a simple self-test on arrival will suffice.
(proof of the date of positivity of the test will be necessary)
Given the current health situation, which is not getting any better, I have to assure you of a 100% secure appointment
Contracting covid is not only the risk of going into intensive care, it is having to isolate yourself, being (if you are in transit abroad) stuck in quarantine for weeks.
For the top sportsmen I sometimes meet, contracting covid can break a season or even a career. Some of my clients have to be tested every two days, or even more depending on their activities. etc.

It is not for pleasure that I ask for a test before each appointment and that I check, it is in our common interest and that shows my sense of responsibility which passes before venality;

The vaccine and the epidemic prove me right, it only protects partially, and not always from contamination (I have seen this with my clients)

I have decided to ask for a PCR or antigenic test of maximum 48 hours to limit the risks of contamination as much as possible

I respect the fact that you refuse this condition, so if this is the case please do not contact me.
If you are positive after the payment of the deposit, it will be refunded in full without discussion.
Proof of your positive test will be requested to avoid any abuse.

As soon as the situation allows it, this condition will no longer be necessary, but I fear that it will last for a few more years.